Context and Inspiration

The images above were created from what were originally digital still shots of an installation art piece at the Bridge-point Rehab Hospital, on the edge of Toronto's Riverdale Park.

An austere mushroom colored granite sculpture in the center courtyard of the entrance way appears similar to an infinity pool from eye level. The water free flows off the pool from all sides, then trickles down industrial concrete walls to a reflecting pool seen at the corners of the courtyard, below foot level. It's an immersive visual experience and the view offers something unique from almost all angles. For me, the effect was serine, and suggested continual renewal.

The work above was inspired by the themes of renewal, fluidity, and hues of blue. It was achieved by a deep magnification of certain elements in a shot, then the use of light in combination with semi transparent layering from other shots in the series. The slideshow is set to advance automatically every 7 seconds, or you can use the arrows to move to the next image.