Editorial Work

Standing up for each other, pushing back against bigotry, saying no to intolerance, honoring diversity, and working together toward a common humanity.

The Team

The people who make up The Resistance Project are uniquely poised to create and publish collections of stories that explore social issues, from local to global. With a commitment to truth, and dedication to justice, the team uses writing, art, and photography for social change, not only through this venture, but in their professional lives. Most importantly, besides being experienced editors, each member of the Project team is also a seasoned and published author. Thus, they have a uniquely personal understanding of the issues important to writers and artists. I feel honored and proud to head this team as the managing editor. As a published author and experienced editor, some of the unique skills I bring to this work is my experience as a public health researcher and educator. A bit about our team below.


Allan Rae

As a researcher, Allan examines the intersections of HIV, PTSD and stigma, using a a personal and community narrative model of inquiry.


Hana Leshner

A working producer and filmmaker Hana explores projects on culture, politics, and sport.

Gloria DiFulvio

Has used tools such as documentary film, photo, voice, and digital storytelling to explore violence, connection and resiliency.

Clay Rivers

An actor of stage and screen, an award-winning art director, and author who just happens to be four-feet tall, black, and Christian



Otherewise known as C(G), in the winter of 2015. We began with 17 followers. Today we are a popular and thriving publication on Medium with over 150 writers and over 20, 000 subscribers. I serve as the editorial director with two occasional editors assisting when required. Creative nonfiction is our focus, including poetry, prose, memoir, personal essay, academic, and intersectional social justice writing from a personal lens. Topped off with some flash fiction and more than a few crazy dog stories. We encourage submissions from women, POC, the GLBTQ community, supportive allies, others who may be culturally overlooked, and first time authors. To submit, please send us a link to your Medium drat via email at crossingenres@gmail.com.

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