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Below is a list of pieces I have had published in various online and print magazines, lit journals, and publications. Clicking on the name of the piece will bring you to the story in the venue it first appeared.


Made Up Words

The Blood of wood and organs

The blood of wood and organs

Last to be picked, again, the boy walks out of the gym. Passing the change room, he turns instead to the art room. His body visibly relaxes when his nose catches the scent of oil paint and glue paste. Stroking the flat brushes and a still wrapped canvas, he dreams of mountain vistas and lush jungle colors. And he thinks of portraits of important people who have left this world too soon. And aching for his mother, her always present, listening ear, he begins to sob ...

Endless Magazine

A world away

HIV in Central Asia


Our never ending ride on the school bus from Hell enters hour nineteen. I am convinced this journey will never end. We are traveling to a small village of roughly 15, 000. A remote mining town in the south of Kyrgyzstan at the foot of the Tien Shen mountain range, identified by WHO officials as an international hot zone, concerns have been growing lately over the skyrocketing rates of venereal disease among many of the miners. Stats will later show that over 19% of the town has already been infected with HIV; a disease that well over half of those infected have never heard of ...

Diana Rhee

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Linda Hernandez

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Todd Sung

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