Singher aka The Insane Canine


2000 ~ 2014

The fossils I held were the void filled, a bit of dust at the time, pressed into the creases, a representation of the lost one finely detailed, but still without life. There will be years and years, each small forgetting, a betrayal, each small betrayal, a comfort; each small comfort, another death.
— From “A Tribute To Zeke” by Chris Clarke

July 2015

In a box on my desk the paw print of a dog has been engraved into cedar. The comfort it provides is a small one. But it’s through proximity I am brought to random thoughts of a man and his dog; best friends for a time, each the others world complete. A brief, yet tender refuge of special, in a harsh, lonely world. To read about Singher, look in the archives under the tag "Singher".