Photo Gallery Archive


Daily inspiration

Shots of and around Toronto that I take everyday with my iPhone.


My crazy and greatly missed dog Singher, with me from 2000 ~ 2014.

The Early Years

Family albums, mom and dad, even me in that awkward seventh grade phase.

Dogs In Greyscale

Mr. Moles and Trouser in black and white.


Swimming pools around Toronto

Personal Galleries

Random images of me, my partner David, and a few friends.

The Dogs

Chtonicling the life and times of mr. moles and Trouser.


One image, two extremes, and everything that lies in between.

A Farm In The City

Horses, sheep, cows, goats, and pigs


Shot this summer from Riverdale Park


Canvas, silk, paint, and bleach.

Fluid Blue

Water running over granite and concrete, taken at an installation art piece just outside Riverdale Park.


Ceramic tiles, sharpy markers, and white vinegar drizzle.Easy DYI coasters! Ceramic tiles, sharpy markers, and white vinegar drizzle.

The House

The house David and I just purchased.

ink swells

Fountain pen ink meets white linen.



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