Mr. Moles & Trouser


The Dogs

Yes, I'm one of those people who considers their dogs to be their kids. Thus, introductions are in order. First, Mr. Moles is a three year old mutt who we have been told is a Sheppard, Husky, Great Dane cross. David and I rescued him in 2015 from a home where he'd been severely neglected. Today, he is a charming, joyful, and affectionate (albeit slightly insane) dog, who loves absolutely everybody, most especially other dogs!

Trouser, on the other hand, is a Beagle, Hound, Boxer mix we adopted this past November. At 10 months, he's still very much a puppy. Trouser has had a pretty rough go of it, and is finding adjusting challenging. He's sweet and affectionate with us, but very scared of strangers and other dogs. Often that reads as aggression to those not familiar with dog behavior. He's a work in progress, for sure. But we've seen the dog he is deep down, so we're committed and in this for the long haul. Thankfully, his big brother Mr. Moles is a great influence.