About The Site

The end goal of web navigation is getting you where you want to go with the least amount of fuss and the least amount of clicks, in the fastest amount of time.

the, who, what, and why

Hi, and welcome to the site. Otherwise known as my author portfolio, containing selections of what I feel constitutes my best creative nonfiction, poetry, and fiction writing. You can also find links to the rest of my body of work published elsewhere. This site is also a home to the some of the results from what has proven to be a growing hobby,  photography. Occasionally, you'll find updates on my latest editorial or research projects. For information about me, this is a good place to start. Or for an archive of all written work on the site. There is also a photo gallery archive page. Speaking of photography, all photographic work on the site is my own, unless otherwise indicated. 

Not A Blog

This site is not a blog. I say that, as my intention is for it to be a portfolio of my work; a curated selection of multi genre writing and images. That means typical blog features like comments and discussions are not part of the site. For my writing that includes comments, discussions and engagement, I use Medium, and I'm quite active on the platform. For my profile page, click the M icon at the top right side of the page, in the social network icon menu.

To contact me with comments or questions about the site, possible writing or research collaborations, or just to say hi, simply click on the contact link in the navigation menu or at the bottom of the page and write me a message on the form provided. I'll do my best to get to you as soon as possible.

This site is an original design that I created on the Squarespace platform, based on the Indigo template. I highly recommend Squarespace for both building and hosting your online home.

Navigation: Finding your way around

If you look at the quote at the top of the page, that was my benchmark for designing the navigation and menus on the site.  To make finding your way around the site as easy and intuitive as possible, and have, I hope, designed it intentionally and thoughtfully toward that goal. When you land on the main page, my four most recent writings can be found below the image. Below that are four featured pieces of wring. If you want to explore, clicking the three bar icon in the left top of the page opens a sliding menu containing full navigation links. Just like the image below.


The about pages, selected writing, and photo gallery links each have drop down menus that categorize work via style and genre, just like the image below.


The same links can also be found at the bottom of the page. To return to the homepage at any time, simply click home in the main menu, or at the bottom of the page.